Plumbing and Heating – What Plumbing Contractors Do

There are many roles played by a plumbing contractor including maintaining, replacing and installation of pipes, drainage and heating systems. Plumbing and heating contractors are also responsible for diagnosing problems in a drainage system. They offer their services not only to individuals and business establishments but also, to industries. Plumbing and heating professionals might either work alone or as a team.

Their specializations

Plumbing and heating contractors are specialized in different tasks in the industry. This includes:

  • Maintenance roles. Some plumbing contractors have long term roles in the maintenance of plumbing systems in hotels, high rise buildings, apartments, schools are even business establishments. The professionals have yearly contracts that require them to attend to any plumbing problem that might arise during the duration of the contract.
  • New installations. There are also professional plumbers who only focus on new installations.  The plumbers work on new buildings and homes where they lay out plumbing systems for the first time.
  • Remodeling jobs. There are other plumbing contractors who focus on remodeling projects. Such contractors are involved in jobs that require re-routing or upgrading the existing plumbing systems to meet the required standards or needs. Also, they can expand the capacity of existing systems so that they can meet new demands. They do this by installing bigger pipes, powerful pumps and wider drainage systems.

Services for home owners

Plumbing experts working in home projects are usually called by the homeowners and notified of the problem. They later come to assess the problem before giving a quotation on cost and the materials needed for the repair of the system. Some contractors will charge a small fee to come and diagnose the problem but if you have a simple issue like a blocked drain, the contractor can give you an estimate on the phone. When you come into an agreement, the contactor will prepare a quotation based on the parts needed, labor involved, time spent on the job as well as mileage covered to your home. The quotation will have a clear breakdown to show you what the charges are covering.

Once you reach an agreement and decide to sign the contract, the contractor begins the work. However, to secure his work, the contractor is expected to make sure that his insurance, bond and license are up to date. Since they are self employed personnel, these professionals need to keep proper documentation n and file for taxes. Also, they need to adhere to building codes in the local area. There are some local authorities that require the plumbing professional get a permit to complete some complex tasks.

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