What Are The Major Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Finish Nails

Finish nails are ideal for interior finish carpentry work and for different other carpentry projects where you don’t want the nail’s head to be visible. Finishing nails are popular for the advantages they provide and are mostly used by the homeowners to perform various home improvement jobs. These types of nails usually have slightly rounded heads that are little bigger than their shanks, as a result these types of finish nails offer a flawless and rust free wood surfaces no matter what type of final paint coating is applied. Finish nails are perfect for using in outdoor applications and are mainly used for avoiding nail discoloration and corrosion.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Finish Nails:

The advantages of using stainless steel finish nails for woodworking projects are known to all. Because of plenty of advantages, stainless steel finish nails are mostly recommended by the carpenters and professionals. The most important advantage of using stainless steel finish nails is that they can eliminate the change of rusting or discoloration of the nails due to the direct exposure to the air and water.  In addition, because of their structure, stainless steel nails do not require to penetrate through large entry holes. As a result you can prevent wood splits by using these types of finish nails.

People, who live in the high humid areas or near large source of water, often fear to use non-stainless steel metal objects since non-stainless metal objects get rusted or discolored even if they are not left outdoors. By using stainless steel finish nails you can easily avoid these types of problems.

Problems With Non-Stainless Steel Finish Nails:

If you use non-stainless steel nails in the high humid areas, the natural reaction of water and iron as well as other substances may create rust and corrosion. Even the smaller non-stainless metal objects are not exempt from the chemical reaction. As a result, if you perform carpentry projects by using any other than stainless steel finishing nails, the nails may also be stained and discolored due to direct exposure. Once done, treatment of this type of problem is very expensive and even if you spend a lot of money in repairing the woodwork, you may not be able to restore the look and feel of the woodwork that it had in the initial condition. The only solution of this problem is to using the stainless steel finish nails for woodworking projects, especially when you live in high humid areas.

Another important reason why stainless steel nails could be a better choice over the non-stainless metal steels is because of the strength and durability they provide. As these types of nails are very durable, you can use even the smallest and thin finish nails in woodworking projects. No matter which type of stainless steel finish nails you choose for your next home improvement project, choosing these types of finish nails will always provide you with aesthetic and monetary value of a completed project.

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